Tuesday, May 29, 2012

She Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

I lost a friend today.  My oldest cat, Harriet, chose to take the decision out of my hands and passed away on the way to the Vet's office.  Harriet had cancer.  A malignant lump had been removed.  A second lump grew and was removed.  I did not have that one tested and assumed that it would also be malignant.  The decision was made to watch her quality of life and make the difficult decision when the time came.

Harriet came into our home as a kitten in 1994.  I found her at Harrison Homes as we were preparing for PHA Day.  Someone had used a marker to put a red "X" on the top of her head.  I thought that if she survived the traffic of PHA Day, she would not survive the target on her head.  I took her home.  She had enough Siamese in her heritage to have beautiful blue eyes.  She grew into a very loving companion.  She made friends with everyone - human and animal.

Back in the day when computer monitors were large, she would curl up on top where it was warm.  After the flat panel monitor arrived, I would often find her on top of the stove near the pilot lights (since I seldom cook much, I would just clean the top before I did).  The new stove I bought has raised grates and make it impossible for her to rest there.  She found that the DISH receiver, ROKU and DVD player gave off a good amount of warmth.  She could often be found on top of them.

Until about a week ago, there had been little or no change in her behavior or status.  I began to notice that she was spending a great deal of time sleeping in the bottom of the cat condo.  She would come out when petted.  She stopped eating.  I tempted her with canned cat food, cat treats, milk and yogurt.  These were all things she had loved, but she wasn't tempted to eat.  She left the cat condo and began to sleep on the back porch.  She seldom left the area.

I knew last Friday that decision time was drawing close.  The Vet's office was closed yesterday (Memorial Day) so I called early this morning to do the last thing I could do to bring an end to her suffering.  At 8:00 A.M. I was on the way to the office.  The office is a short trip from the house, but Harriet did not tolerate the ride.  She exerted too much energy climbing out of the box and died quite peacefully while in the parking lot.  I took her inside, she was checked and there was no heartbeat.  She had chosen her own time and in her last act of love, took the decision out of my hands.

I have re-read "The Feline Spirit" several times today.  I think of Harriet, but also Smokey, Leo, Skyler and Libby.  They all were wonderful companions.  My home still has feline occupants, each special in their own way.  Just like humans, each has their own personality.

Rest in Peace, Harriet.  As you crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I hope Smokey, Leo, Skyler and Libby were waiting for you along with Cinnamon (your dachshund buddy from years ago).


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Very sorry for your loss, Ramble.

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