Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day Two

Time off - day two! The car went in for a minor repair this morning. The darn little scoop on the front of the car hits curb stops and drags on my driveway when I make a left turn into it. It was beginning to sag. It is back in place now, but unless I take it really slow, it still drags on the driveway! Right turns only, I guess. From there, it was off to get an oil change and tire rotation. Two more oil changes and then it is time for one of those service appointments that cost big bucks - at least it sounds like big bucks to me.

Back home to watch lesson 13 of the class I have to take for work. There are 16 sessions in all and then the test that has to be taken by 11/28. There are a couple of them I want to watch again before test time.

Then to the yard for a little outside time. Mowed the front yard. Glad I have a mulching mower. It eliminates the need to rake a lot of the leaves - of course there isn't much front yard left since I have planted flowers in most of it. Did gather up enough leaves to fill one landscape waste bag. Had to go out back and cut up a fallen branch from a hated elm tree. Have to go back out with the pruning saw to finish the job where the limb was too big for the pruner. Have to make sure the bundles are tied well, not over five feet long and weigh less than 50 pounds! Don't want to piss Waste Management off!

Watching a little of CNN's coverage of the fires in California! Such devastation. My heart goes out to the people in the way of the fire and those who have lost everything.

Guess I will gather up the scissors, twine and pruning saw so I can finish the task I started earlier. I would rather procrastinate, but I will finish the job I started. This time!

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