Sunday, October 14, 2007

Today's Ramble

I have been reading (and making a few posts on) I am amazed at the animosity that develops. It is one thing to disagree with someone - I often do, but to resort to the level of anger that is apparent is something I do not understand. An intelligent debate, I can appreciate, but when it disintegrates into questioning intelligence and name calling, I get very frustrated. It seems that some members of the "community" post just to see their name in print. My opinion - no more, no less. Perhaps there are histories and relationships there that I don't know about and that could explain some of the interaction. I do know it is the last place I would go to ask for information. I will likely stop making posts and eventually, stop reading It really does not make a good impression of the attitudes in the community.

On a happy note, I see that Ramble On is listed on The Peoria AntiPundit's site. Thank you! Emtronics opinion and blog are appreciated. One of the few voices of reason on the local blog scene. Again, my opinion! Peoria Pundit, Peoria AntiPundit and Peoria Chronicle are the three major reads for me. Chef Kevin, Ahl Things Considered and Merle Widmer's Peoria Watch are also checked fairly frequently. Beyond those six, any others pretty much mean I am bored. I like getting perspectives of what is going on in Peoria.

Where I live (East Bluff), where I work (PHA) and my age (almost 63) certainly influence my interests and activities. I have a house full of animals (8 cats and 2 dogs), shop at WalMart, love the dollar stores (Dollar Tree & Deals), eat out at affordable places and look for bargains everywhere I shop. My kids are grown and pretty much lead their own lives. I try not to intrude into their private matters but will give my opinion if asked.

It is a beautiful fall day. And since I live in an old house (with its original windows) it is a good day to start putting the plastic on the windows. Have caulked around a couple of basement windows and put new "V" strip on the front and back doors. Kitchen windows are done! Will try to get the pantry and living room done before the day is out.

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Exblick said...

It's a sad day when public discourse dissolves into name calling. But that's what people see on the t.v. and on the radio, so they think it's o.k. Civility has left the building.