Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday, Monday

Thanks to Kevin for teaching me to delete the comment I was concerned about and for adding Ramble On to his blog roll. Being a relative "Newbie" it is reassuring to find out that the blog is beginning to be read a little.

This was almost a do-nothing day. I am usually very motivated at work, but today was such a beautiful day that I wanted to be home. It was perfect weather to be in the yard (and it needs work). Plastic is on the windows in the living room. The dining room is next and then on to the upstairs.

It must have been a rough day in Doggie Land today. Mikki and Minni are both asleep on the couch and snoring loudly. It is a fun sound and makes me smile! Rush, one of the cats, is in my lap purring very loudly. He earned his name on the way home from PAWS - loud, demanding and obnoxious - Rush for Rush Limbaugh, of course!

Leah had an interview with the Sphinx Organization today. I hope it went well for her. They did call her and ask for her references. Thursday, she has an interview with the Detroit Symphony. Both jobs involve education and outreach into the urban schools. If neither comes through, she will be stuck with being the Administrative Assistant at Wold Architects until the "Dream Job" comes along.

Busy week this week. Tomorrow evening is East Bluff Housing Services Board Meeting, Wednesday is East Bluff United Neighborhood Association and Thursday is the last of the Public School Forums. I really hope that Glen Oak parents show up for the forum. Too many of these forums have been the neighborhood loud-mouths (like me) showing up and not enough of the parents who's children will be impacted by whatever decision the board makes (or has already made).

Good day for aluminum cans at work today. Ended up with five garbage bags of cans to crush. I will be ready to take cans to Miller's before the week is out. The residents are really getting into the "Can Kitty". It is great to see them come together with this effort. We have been able to make 10 micro-loans so far. All but four have been paid back and they are not due yet!! When you have nothing, $10.00 can help out a great deal. The "general public" has no idea how many good things take place at Taft. It was a little disappointing that Clyde Gulley did not show up at the last resident meeting. He was to have been our guest. No show, no call. Does that mean that his constituents at Taft do not matter. I sure hope not! Chief Settinsgaard is to be our guest at the November meeting - that should be interesting. I am glad he accepted the invitation.

I am looking forward to some time off from work. Have not missed a day all year and am taking two weeks off. Not planning on doing much except make a long weekend trip to Detroit and relax around home. Actually, it will probably drive me nuts to be away from work and will probably end up going in several times to make sure everything is going OK. I am sure it will, but delegating has never been one of my best attributes! Have to learn to let go!!

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