Saturday, October 27, 2007

Today's Ramble

I am reusing the title in an effort not to repeat the whole blog entry of 10/14/07. really fell apart. The Bible thumping, ultra-conservatives have hijacked not just a thread, but the entire forum. The "see how great I am" folks have made asinine comments in the middle of serious discussions. Like several others, I have made my last post. Anything that I might post would be discounted anyway.

Otherwise, I survived the week away from work. That is a strange way to view "vacation". I miss it when I am not there. One more week to go. Birthday has come and gone. I am a year closer to retirement. Not sure how I will handle that. I really think I will end up finding a job somewhere else to fill my time and wallet! Got the word today that Social Security has the lowest COL increase in several years - 2.3% I think it was. Right now, it looks like I could make it with the 20% cut that early retirement would mean. I may just quit after the first of the year and go job hunting. Who knows what will happen in the next few years. As long as I remain healthy, I will most likely work to supplement SS and pension funds. It is either work or volunteer at the animal shelter. The only problem with PAWS is that I would want to bring most of them home - especially all the large, long haired cats. I really do not want to be the neighborhood "crazy cat lady".

Got calls from both of the kids yesterday. Brian is fine other than sore muscles from chopping fire wood. His wife has a sinus infection and the little one is recovering from a cold. Otherwise all is well. Angie has selected a "favorite toy" from those received for her 2nd birthday. You never know what a little one will really like!!

Leah wrote her letter of resignation. The boss was not around much, so she ended up leaving it in his "in-box" and leaving a message on his cell phone. She finds it hard to quit. She enjoyed her co-workers and the work wasn't bad, but the opportunity to work with The Sphinx Organization was just too good to pass up. This will probably be the biggest challenge she has ever faced as far as employment goes, but also the most rewarding in the long run.

The kids are really too old to be called kids, but no matter how old they are (or I am) they will always be "my kids". Great kids at that!

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