Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm Ready

It is nearly 58 degrees outside and a little more inside the house. I have readied the nest for winter. New jersey knit sheets are on the bed, my favorite blue down comforter rests on top of the sheets. The plastic has been placed on all the windows and the caulking completed in the basement. I just finished reversing the direction on the ceiling fans. I have a $241.66 credit built up at AmerenCILCO (and have not yet paid any this month, but I will). There are a couple more tasks that need to be completed next week. I have new insulation to put around the water pipes and there is a basement window covering that needs to be secured from the outside. If the temperature actually gets to the mid or upper 60's on Tuesday, I may drag out the extension ladder and tackle one area of guttering that tends to back up and has caused ice dams in the past.

Made a trip across the river. Bought a new space heater to take the chill off rather than run the furnace as much. Between electricity and gas prices, you never know which way to go. Also bought new light bulbs for the front porch. The old one still worked, but it was getting dimmer from dirt and dust. I will clean it and use it again later if I need it.

My internal clock was ready for the time change that normally happens the last weekend of October. I didn't fully wake up until about 7:30 this morning. I would have been right on schedule if the clock had "fallen back" as it would have last year. Maybe I will be as ready for the time change next Sunday as I was today!


Kevin Lowe said...

Yeah, usually the clocks change just in time for Halloween. This year, the kids will just have to wait an extra hour before it gets dark enough to go trick or treating.

Ramble On said...

Door locked and lights off!!! The big kids with pillow cases and van loads of strangers have taken the fun out it. Maybe if I still had little kids, it would be fun again, but I doubt it!

Exblick said...

#1 son says he's too old to dress up for school. I said that if he didn't dress up he couldn't get treats! He changed his mind (11 isn't too old, is it?). #2 (9 years old) took the weekend to pick out stuff around the house for a costume. I refuse to buy dorky cosumes from WallyWorld. I just want 'em go ring a couple door bells so I can get my KitKat fix. :)

PS...thanks for your nice words.

prepossessing said...

I love the level payment plan from Ameren, but I often wonder if I am paying too much. Though it is nice when the settling up month comes along and you get a free month.

Ramble On said...

Don't they make an annual adjustment? I just send in whatever I can. Don't run air conditioning, so summer bills are pretty low and I just keep paying.