Saturday, October 6, 2007

On A Happy Note

My daughter,Leah, and her "significant other", John, got here last night. Actually arrived at about 12:30 this morning. They had driven straight through from the Detroit area after they got off work. I had gone to sleep on the couch so I could be sure to hear them. So good to see them.

Leah and I went shopping for a bit this morning while John assembled the Roadmaster (Little Red Wagon) that is to be a birthday gift for my Granddaughter. Angie turns two on 10/10/07 but the celebration is tomorrow (Sunday). Near record high temperatures predicted for tomorrow, but at least the rain is out of the forecast. The birthday celebration is in Oreana, where my son, Brian, and his wife, Sherri, live. Leah and John will be driving back to Detroit from there. Coming back to Peoria is totally out of the way.

Went to lunch today at Haddad's. The "young ones" had a taste for Middle Eastern food. I am glad they did, it really hit the spot. You know the children have hit adulthood when they finally start buying the parent's lunch! :) They are out visiting friends now and I am here making sure I remember their visit!

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Kevin Lowe said...

I think my mom is still waiting for me to grow up. Every time we get together to eat, she ends up paying for me. I'll have to start returning the favor!

Perhaps I'll take her to Haddad's sometime. They've got some great food. I love a good falafel.